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Profile of President Nobuaki Tomita

Kimono stylist & designer Nobuaki Tomita

Nobuaki Tomita

Nobuaki Tomita

Nobuaki Tomita is a Japanese kimono stylist and textile designer. Born in 1963 in Kyoto, Japan. He established his own company “Kyokaori” at the age of 27 after learning about kimono industry. In 1994 and 1995, he presented kimono shows for cultural exchange between China and Japan in Shanghai. He has provided original kimono for over 2,000 national TV programs, movies, magazines and theaters in Japan. Since 2006, he has held kimono shows and exhibitions in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Las Vegas, and Los Angels. His high-profile works were donated to the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Palo Alto Art Center, and Japanese American National Museum. He is actively working on kimono with designs inspired by local special products and traditions through Japan, exporting Japanese culture through his original works. These activities are set a high valuation both in Japan and in the U.S. Currently, basedp on his thought “Culture supported by economy is collapsing because of depression, and now it’s the time that culture supports economy”, he tries to develop Japanese culture producer to support tourism country Japan. To stimulate rural areas, he works on various approaches, for examples, Art village and special lecturer at the faculty of arts & design, University of Toyama, in 2009. In 2010, he will have special lecture at Design Singapore Council, Gunma Prefectural Women’s University, Mie University and Kurume University.

Recognized his contribution for rural areas, he is authorized tourism ambassador.

Himi city, Toyama Pref. (2007.1.16)

Ureshino city, Saga Pref. (2009.2.17)

Yokote city, Akita Pref. (2009.2.25)

Saga Pref. (2009.8)

Shibukawa city, Gunma Pref. (2009.9)

Gunma Pref. (2010.1)

Matsusaka city, Mie Pref. (2010.4, planed)

Kimono Shows, Exhibitions and Events in Japan


Yokote city, Akita・Himi city, Toyama・Toyooka city, Hyogo・Ise city, Mie (Okage Yokocho)・Ureshino city, Saga・Higashisonogi cho, Nagasaki・Amami, Kagoshima


Himi city, Toyama 「Kimono and a bike」shooting poster

Ureshino city, Saga 「We love kimono」

Yokote city, Akita 「Masuda: a town where matches kimono」

Matsuzaka city, Mie 「the world of acclaimed kimono stylist」

Takaoka city, Toyama: Kimono show at Faculty of Art design, University of Toyama

Mastusaka city, Mie 「Matsusaka beef festival」

designed long sleeve kimono for champion’s Matsusaka beef

2010 planed

The faculty of Arts & design, University of Toyama, Open class

「Art village where Gary Bukovnik is invited」(Ureshino city, Saga, Ebino city, Miyazaki, Shibukawa city, Gunma, Matsuzaka city, Mie, Kyoto city)

「Ikaho hot springs Project」IKAHO cultural meeting 石段 (ishidan) 1000 = ICMI1000 (Gunma Pref.)

Kimono lecture shows in the U.S.


Community School of Music and Arts・The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

UCLA・Korean Culture Center・The Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC)・Bowers Museum・RSVP Library(organized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles・Palo Alto Art center


100th event of Japan America Society of Southern California

「Kimono demonstration & lecture show」「100 kimono people at Dodger Stadium」


2010 planed

April 「Kimono lecture show in Hawaii visit」(Hawaii)

April 「Japan America Society of Southern California finale」(Embassy of the United State)

June 「Major League wearing kimono 2 in L.A.」(Los Angeles)

September 「World Acclaimed Japanese Kimono 2, kimono lecture show」(Singapore)

October 「convey Japanese culture from Singapore, kimono fashion show」(Singapore)

「kimono lecture show for Lexus employees」(Los Angeles)

2011 planed

February 「Chingay Parade」(Singapore)