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Entertainment Industry

Tomita work widely with TV, movies, magazines, stages and commercials in Japan. The best work among more than 2000 his works was stage costume design and styling for Mitsuko Mori, titled “The Cherry Orchard” performed at New National Theatre in Tokyo. Also he designed kimonos which made the cover of kimono magazines, Japanese title are “Katei Gaho and Kimono Salon” and styling actresses who were Kyoko Koizumi, Rina Uchiyama, Kyoko Hasegawa and Yukie Nakama. He has been named as one of “the 4 of kimono specialists” at Fujin Gaho’s 1200 memorial issue.


Tomita gives a lecture for companies, associations, academes and public administrations, which requested him to talk about his own experiences in Japan and abroad. His lecture is well received for the reasons activates rural areas and companies.

University lecturer


Not only hand on Japanese culture, but he educates “what real Japanese culture is” through his own experiences and his activities to bring up new generation who will be able to tell it. In his unique education style, he develops Japanese Culture producer for the future.

(Toyo Kimono College, Faculty of Art and design University of Toyama )

Consultant (art village project, local collaboration)


He conveys the Japanese culture to companies, associations, academes and public administrations and at the same time tells “Japanese-hospitality” and “Japanese culture and kimono stylist Nobuaki Tomita’s world”. He also has some projects for education and developing the rural areas.

(Akita pref., Gunma Pref., Toyama Pref., Mie Pref., Hyogo Pref., Nagasaki Pref., Saga Pref., Miayazaki Pref.)

Offering costumes

We rent costumes to TV programs, movies, commercials, magazines and major theaters. More than 1000 kimonos are always available and we can respond any requests. We rent costumes over 2000 times.

Produce original kimono and obi

 When he read scripts of dramas and searched kimonos to fit scenes, he wasn’t satisfied with kimonos which were sold in markets. So he designed original kimonos and obi by himself. This is the begging of his original works. Now, most of his works are originals.

Kurokashi, S&Japan, only one, Nihon Jinkei, kabuki series



 We plan to collaborate with fashion- parties in Los Angeles. We think using kimono fabric with clothing and interiors will expand new possibility.


We are interested in producing costumes of Hollywood movies and of any other countries.

Japan culture


We put on a kimono show as an entertained lecture style explaining how to make kimono, various kinds of kimono in each era, and so on for museum staffs, scholars, V.I.P.s of each areas, and fashion parties.
He introduces his works which are designed by great view of rural area of Japan and using special local products. It means that he also introduces the beauties of rural areas themselves in Japan. We get some requests kimono lecture show for employee training program in the U.S. recently.

Places where put on a kimono lecture show

〈San Francisco〉
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco ・ Kabuki theater

〈Los Angeles〉
Consulate General of Japan・UCLA・Japanese-American National Museum・ Korean Cultural Center・Japanese American Cultural & Community Center (JACCC)・Bowers Museum ・ Keiro ・ Lexus

〈Palo Alto〉
Palo Alto Art center

〈Mountain View〉
Community school of Music and Arts

〈Las Vegas〉
RSVP Library