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How to order iPad cases

Thank you very much for inquiry about kimono iPad cases.

Currently we are afraid we don’t sell them online, but only by e-mail, because the case is made of an obi, a broad Japanese sash and a obi we carry is totaly custom-made, that means each case is only one item in the world and the quantity is very limited.

More detail of kimono iPad cases are put on web page of KUROKASHI KOBO


Sorry the site is only written in Japanese.

For your information, below is how to order by email;

1) If we got an e-mail for inquiry about kimono iPad cases, we will send our retail price list in Japan. (Delivery charges are not included in the retail prices.)

2) Choose products and type up the order number #, like #1. (The order numbers are listed in leftmost column of price list)

3) Give us your name, shipping address, phone number and email address. There are some customers with imperfect shipping address recently. Please write your correct address(includes postal code and country).

4) We will send the confirmation note and let you know our bank account info to remit. Please kindly bear the bank remitting charges concerned with yourself. Please be advised that your items you order and remit are not returnable and refundable.

5) Once we confirm your payment, we will ship items as soon as possible.

6) We will send a notice of shipment with the tracking number by e-mail after shipment.